"Allison crawford is the poster child for chic eclectic style."

- Ashlina kaposta, the decorista

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Named one of the Top 5 Designers to Watch in 2016 by Rue Magazine, Allison Crawford is the founder and owner of Allison Crawford Design, a boutique interior design firm located in Austin, Texas. Allison's goal is to create beautiful and functional spaces that reflect the personality and passions of her clients. At the heart allison's process is the belief that Design creates balance between comfort and luxury, integrating the practical with the desirable.

Allison earned her Bachelor of Arts from Southern Methodist University and studied gothic literature at University College in oxford and interior design at New York University. Along with owning her own design firm, Allison is an active real estate investor, licensed real estate agent and entrepreneur. Check out her new venture, Hotelette, here


Experiences + Influences

As an avid traveler, Allison has visited all seven continents. In fact, Traveling is Allison’s primary source for design inspiration, and her best ideas come from traveling. During her adventures, allison makes a concerted effort to seek out artisans and designers whose work she can incorporate into current projects or her curated textile line. it is allison's passion to soak up art and architecture while on the road and bring fresh ideas back to her clients. the simulacra helps her think about design as a global concept and the ways in which different cultures can teach us about ourselves. 

Allison's most important influences are Marta Minujin, Santiago Calatrava, and eero saarinen. Marta Minujin is an Argentine conceptual and performance artist, her neon color palette and radical performance practice remind Allison to always take risks and be bold. Minujin's work is bright and fun, but also thought provoking and intricate. Santiago Calatrava is a swiss-spanish architect and artist with a very minimalist and clean - yet intricate - aesthetic. There’s more than meets the eye.  One of allison's old homes overlooked out the Calatrava bridge in dallas, and she continues to  seek out his work across the globe. Allison also grew up near Dulles International Airport, designed by eero saarinen. So, even at a young age, allison was drawn to the aesthetics of midcentury design. Dulles acts as a symbol for Allison's design philosophy, as it marries her love for travel and architecture in one nostalgic place.