ACD Travel Guides: Tulum Revisited

My love affair with Mexico started at the age of 15 through a summer exchange program in Mexico City.  Over the past 20 years, I’ve been back at least 25 times as I continue to explore the culture and learn the language. After seven years of studying Spanish, my Espanol should be better, but it’s good enough to navigate around the Yucatan Peninsula for 10 days.  

My friend Katie and I started in Tulum where we spent 5 days eating, playing, and exploring the bohemian town. My first trip to Tulum was a few years ago and it was full of Europeans, Brooklyn bloggers, and fashion types. I still love Tulum although it has become more popular and overcrowded with a seemingly less sophisticated crowd.  I love the familiarity and accessibility of Tulum and, even though it has changed over the years, I will continue to go back.

Since most of my beach vacations are all about the food and drinks, let’s talk about my favorite places to eat and enjoy some wine! Hands down, my favorite restaurant in Tulum is Posada Margherita and I eat there at least every other night when I’m there.  Some people go to Mexico for the Mexican food... I go for the Italian food.  Owned by Italians from Genoa, the servers and cooks are all native Italians and offer the most delicious homemade mozzarella, made-to-order pasta, and  white fish cooked in salt water. The staff will make you feel like you’re in a small Italian town enjoying family recipes.  The décor is impeccable and effortlessly chic with lots of plants, muted tones with pops of color, and a memorable view of the ocean.  If you go, tell Simone “Ciao” from me. He’s the handsome gentleman that presents the menu in “Espanol, Italiano, o Ingles” and you can’t miss his charming hospitality.

After dinner at Posada, hail a cab and head to Gitano’s for a Gypsy Disco. My love of mescal and disco balls started Gitano’s. The glittery lights and smoky sweet drinks set the mood for dancing the night away.

On to hotels. So, I’ve stayed at a few places in Tulum but, most recently, I stayed at Viento de Mar and it was perfect for my bestie getaway.  It’s casual, unpretentious, and in a great location.  The rooms are made of concrete- clean and simple with a boho vibe. The private beach has the most comfortable lounges, making it the perfect spot for an afternoon nap or to catch up on summer reading.  



Introducing ACD Travel Guides: My summer in Mexico

Texas is brutal in the summer, so like most savvy Austinites I try to get out of town as much as possible as the temperature creeps up. I’ve been escaping the floods, humidity, and heat with short adventures through Mexico. Usually I travel across the world for inspiration, but with my busy schedule, I’m staying closer to home and getting to know Mexico city by city.

In this blog series I’ll be sharing all my travel secrets from dining and lodging to antique shopping. If you don’t have time to make the trip yourself, head on over to my Chairish shop to take home a bit of the adventure without the jetlag.

First up is a return to Tulum.